WhisperKOOL SC Pro Owners Manuals

Owners manuals and installation guides for WhisperKOOL SC Pro Cooling Units in all sizes

The SC Series is our easiest-to-install, self-contained cooling unit. It does not require an HVAC-R technician to install.

The SC PRO Series embodies the latest and greatest system design technologies in an all-new housing design. Developed upon feedback directly from customers and installers, the unit incorporates a variety of high-end components at an affordable price point. By combining powerful airflow with quiet operation technology, the SC PRO is unrivaled when it comes to efficiently cooling small to mid-sized wine cellars.

WhisperKOOL SC Pro 2000 for Cellars up to 300 cu. ft.
WhisperKOOL SC Pro 3000 for Cellars up to 650 cu.ft.
WhisperKOOL SC Pro 4000 for Cellars up to 1000 cu.ft.
WhisperKOOL SC Pro 8000 for Cellars up to 1500 cu.ft.

file_pdfProduct Specification Sheet for all SC PRO Series Cooling Units

file_pdfOwners Manual for all SC Pro models

file_pdfOwners Manual for optional SC Pro Exterior Housing

file_pdfOwners Manual for optional SC Pro Exterior Ducting Kit