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Wall Display Product Assembly Instructions

Assembly information for WineRacks.com Standard and Premium Single and Double Tier Wall Display Merchandisers

Our Standard Wall Display Merchandiser does not have individual bottle supports for each bottle. Up to 4 bottles stack directly on top of one another in the column. The Premium Wall Display Merchandiser has individual slots for each bottle.

Standard Wall Display SKU: 6_3-100-4575-4575-S
130 Bottles
Dimensions: 45 3/4"H x 45 3/4"W x 12 3/8"D

Premium Wall Display SKU: 6_3-000-4575-4575-S
Capacity: 120 Bottles
Dimensions: 45 3/4"H x 45 3/4"W x 12 3/8"D
Available in: Pine, Oak, Mahogany

Double Tier Wall Display SKU: 6_3-000-4575-5325-S
Capacity: 240 Bottles
Dimensions: 45 3/4"W x 53 1/4"H x 21 3/4"D

Both versions are assembled the same way (instructions show Standard version)

file_pdfAssembly instructions for Standard & Premium Wall Display Merchandiser

file_pdfAssembly instructions for Double Tier Wall Display Merchandiser