Vino Series - Vino Pins Installation Instructions

Installation information for VintageView Vino Pins

That blank wall in your kitchen, living room or entertaining area is a canvas waiting to hold your beautiful wine display. Designed to mount direct to any wall surface with our proprietary anchor systems (no backing panel required).

Purchase pins WITH Collars for mounting on Drywall, Collars are optional for Wood & Masonry installations. Purchase additional Masonry Hardware Kit for installation on stone/cement. A minimum of 1/2" thickness recommended for Wood Installation. This product is not recommended for installation on plaster/lathe, marble or other tile.


  • Includes 1 set of 2 pins (neck and base pin)
  • Includes hardware for mounting on Drywall or Wood Surfaces & Assembly Instructions
  • Available in 5 finishes - Acrylic (one bottle deep only), Milled Aluminum, Gloss Black, Gunmetal, Golden Bronze
  • Lifetime Warranty

file_pdfInstallation Instructions for VP, VP-2, VP-3 (no collars)

file_pdfInstallation Instructions for VPC, VPC-2, VPC-3 (with collars)

file_pdfInstallation Template for all standard Vino Pins

file_pdfInstallation Template to mount Magnum bottles on Vino Pins