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Vino Series - Vino Pin Flex Product Specifications

Specification information for VintageView Vino Pin Flex Mounting system for both standard and magnum bottles at all bottle depths

Flex offers a dynamic mounting option to VintageView’s patented wine peg system with the addition of a simple vertical mounting system that mixes up the aesthetic and simplifies installation. Flex can also be mounted at a 45 degree angle.

Available in 5 finishes: Matte Black, Gloss Black, Gunmetal, Golden Bronze, Matte Black Rails w/Aluminum Pins

file_pdfSpec Sheet for VP-FLEX1 (one bottle deep)

file_pdfSpec Sheet for VP-FLEX2 (2 bottles deep)

file_pdfSpec Sheet for VP-FLEX3 (3 bottles deep)

file_pdfSpec Sheet for VP-FLEXM1 (one bottle deep magnum)

file_pdfSpec Sheet for VP-FLEXM2 (2 bottles deep magnum)