Training Videos

We’ve put together a series of “Wine Cellar 101” videos to help you help your clients in creating the wine storage solution of their dreams.

This e-learning module will provide you with an introduction to custom wine storage solution development. Segments within Module 101 cover how to look for custom storage opportunities, ways to consult with clients to uncover their specific needs and finally how to design a custom storage solution.


Module 101: Segment 1: Initial assessment of an opportunity: 

Learn the different unique applications for wine storage and the things you need to keep in mind when assessing an opportunity.

Module 101: Segment 2: How to consult with a client

Learn the key discussion points and questions that need to be asked in order to properly inform your customer’s preferences.



Module 101: Segment 3: Designing a custom wine storage solution

A walk through on how to design a custom wine storage solution using leading software platforms and a component library.



Module 101: Segment 4: Design techniques applied to real applications

In this video segment Mark Karpinski, Director of Sales for demonstrates design techniques learned from Segment 3 using real life applications.