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Prestige Series 6.5ft Wine Rack Kit Assembly Instructions

Assembly information for all WineRacks.com Prestige Series 6.5ft (78" high) Wine Rack Kits

All Prestige Series 6.5 ft Wine Rack Kits are assembled in a similar manner. Our 6.5ft kits are made up of 2 racks - a Base Wine Rack and an Upper Wine Rack. You will assemble each rack separately and place the upper rack onto the base to complete the kit.


Optionally, you can attach the upper rack to the base rack by nailing or drilling through the spacer bars of each rack as shown.


We recommend you attach completed kits to your wall either by purchasing a standard "L" bracket and fasteners appropriate to your wall surface from a local hardware store, or by drilling through the rear "Spacer" bars of your rack and attaching to your wall.


Assembly Instructions for 1-10 Column 6.5ft Kits

file_pdfAssembly Instructions for 39 3/4" High Base Racks

file_pdfAssembly Instructions for 38 1/4" High Upper Racks with Display Row

Assembly Instructions for Curved Corner 6.5ft Kit

file_pdfAssembly Instructions for Curved Corner Racks - Upper and Base are assembled in the same manner

Assembly Instructions for Waterfall 6.5ft Kit

file_pdfAssembly Instructions for 39 3/4"High Base Racks

file_pdfAssembly Instructions for Waterfall Upper Rack