How to Choose a Cooling Unit

For proper aging of a wine collection, the wine needs to be in an environment where temperature and humidity are within specific parameters. Our guide will help you figure out which is the best type of cooling unit for your space.

Your wine collection, perfected. With a dedicated storage area, it’s time to now create the optimal environment for short or long term use. Investing in a wine cooling unit is the best way to maximize the life of your wine and create the perfect storage conditions for years to come.

The ideal temperature for storing wine is 55 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity levels between 60-70%. If used correctly, a cooling unit will maintain these conditions, preventing premature aging and oxidation of your wine.

We offer many options, including through the wall, ducted and split system models. Choosing the right unit depends on several factors, like the location, size and existing climate of your wine storage location. Our team of experts are here to help you select a cooling unit that meets your needs, specifications and budget.

Through the Wall Cooling

The cooling unit is installed through a hole in a wall and exhausted into another room. When choosing this unit, you need to take into account the size and ambient temperature of the room where it will be exhausted. This works well in situations where you can vent into a utility room or basement. Special units are required if you want to vent to the outside through an exterior wall.

Fully Ducted Cooling

A fully ducted cooling unit allows you to mount the cooling unit itself remotely(in a ceiling or utility room) and then use ducting to both blow the cool air in and exhaust the warm air. Generally the unit must be mounted within 25 feet of the cellar.

Split System Cooling

Available in both ducted and ductless versions, split system cooling works like your home central air conditioning. Half of the unit is inside the wine cellar and the other half is located outside of your home. These units require installation by a certified HVAC technician and work well in situations where you have a larger cellar or do not have a location within the cellar or nearby to mount a cooling unit.

Stand Alone Cooling

Perfect for a small collection or as a supplement to regular wine cellar environmental control when you want the ability to store some wine at serving temperature. Wine Coolers come in a wide variety of capacities from a few bottles to close to 400 bottles. Some can be built in under cabinets or can be free-standing.