Glass Enclosures Installation Guide

Glass Doors, Sidelites, and Transforms

Installation instructions for Reach In Glass Wine Cellar Doors, Walk In Glass Wine Cellar Doors, Sidelites, and Transforms - Available on


Step 1: Prepare opening

  • Confirm Sizes. Finished opening can be up to 1/8" bigger than the unit size. Openings smaller than the unit size will not work.
  • Confirm there is blocking for attachment screws.
  • Mark setback from the outside wall. 1" works well although this can be varied based on the application.

Step 2: Mount 1st Unit

  • Uncrate unit. Remove door or sidelite panel from frame. Drill and countersink holes in the frame aligned with the solid blocking.
  • Use screws and shims as necessary to fasten frame. On a door unit, it is best to mount the unit by replacing a few hinge screws with frame screws.
  • Confirm the screw heads are flush to the frame.

Step 3: Install Mullion

  • Dry fit the mullion and determine the appropriate length screws to fasten top and bottom. Screw pockets are sized for trim head screws.
  • Remove the mullion and apply a small bead of silicone to the exposed side of the first frame.
  • Place the mullion and screw into place.

Step 4: Install the next frame

  • Drill and dry fit the frame. Get hand clamps ready to clamp the mullion.
  • Remove the frame and apply a small bead of silicone to the exposed side of the mullion.
  • Place the frame and use a screw to hold it in place while the mullion/frames are drilled and fastened together. It is best to screw from the door frame and into the sidelite frame. Trim off screws that stick thru the frame.

Step 5: Install remaining frames

  • Repeat steps 3 & 4 until all frames have been set.
  • Cut shims and apply sealant between frame and perimeter openings. A premium latex caulk works well to seal the perimeter frame to the wall.

Step 6: Insert Panels
  • Sidelites: Install sidelite clips as shown in detail, using 3 clips per side on panels less than 90" and four clips per side on panels over 90". Take care to orient the clips properly. After
    clips are attached, insert the panel in the frame. The sidelite clips will engage the outer groove on the inside of the frame, and the back of the panel will press against the weather stripping at the back of the frame. Groove between panel and frame can be sealed with caulk if desired.
  • Door(s): Re-install door panels and verify correct lock operation. Latch holes can be enlarged using a Dremel tool if needed.
  • Touch up any scratches with the patina touch up kit.