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Single and Double Tier Island Assembly Instructions

Assembly instructions for WineRacks.com Island Display Merchandisers

Attached instructions cover both Standard Island Display Merchandisers (without individual bottle supports) and Premium Island Display Merchandisers (individual bottle supports for each row) with single (single tier) and double (double tier) display rows.

Single Tier Island (both Standard and Premium)

Capacity: 260 Bottles
Dimensions: 45 3/4"H x 45 3/4"W x 25"D
Available in: Pine, Oak, Mahogany
Single Tier Island Base (sold separately)

Double Tier Island

Capacity: 480 Bottles
Dimensions: 45 3/4"W x 53 1/4"H x 46 3/4"D
Available in: Pine, Oak, Mahogany
Double Tier Island Base (sold separately)

Island displays are assembled in 2 halves and then each side is connected with a Bridge Kit that provides trim across the top and sides of the rack. Bridge Kit spaces the 2 halves apart so that bottles do not hit one another when slid into the rack.

Screw Assembly Required

file_pdfAssembly Instructions for 6_3-100-4575-4575-I-S, 6_3-000-4575-4575-I-S, 6_3-000-4575-5325-I-S