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Case and Crate - Locker Product Specifications

Specification for VintageView Case & Crate Lockers in both Short and Tall versions

CC2-LOCKER-S (short bin - 3 shelves)
Dimensions: 42.5" x 14.75" x 15"
Capacity: 48 750ml or 24 1.5L bottles

CC2-LOCKER-T (tall bin - 6 shelves)
Dimensions: 82.625" x 14.75" x 15"
Capacity: 96 750ml or 48 1.5L bottles

Add 13.75" width for each Extension Unit and add 41.75" when stacking bins

18 gauge steel with a matte black finish

file_pdfSpec Sheet for CC2-LOCKER-S

file_pdfSpec Sheet for CC2-LOCKER-T

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